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Distribution network

The distribution network forms the basis of every organization’s supply chain. A distribution network comprises every aspect, from modes of transport to warehouses, logistics hubs and transfer points, involved in transporting goods efficiently and effectively within a particular region. Therefore, optimizing your physical distribution network offers significant potential for gains, both financially and in terms of faster and more reliable deliveries.

Distribution network study

Logistics processes are often complex and intertwined. Many businesses lack the time, capacity and/or expertise to conduct a distribution network study, yet investigating how to improve the efficiency of their distribution network can ultimately save companies a lot of time and money. At Groenewout, we are happy to perform this important study for your operation.

Based on a comprehensive assessment of your distribution network, we design the optimal network to serve your customer base. This includes the use of specialized simulation software to optimize your transport, inventory and warehousing activities.

Improving logistics processes

Consulting firm Groenewout offers professional advice to help you get more out of your supply chain and distribution network. To improve the operational logistics processes in your distribution network, we take numerous aspects into account including questions such as:

  • How many warehouses and/or distribution centers are required?
  • What is the best location for the warehouse?
  • What are the total freight costs?
  • Which costs are associated with the distribution centers?
  • What are the inventory costs?
  • What will be the transition costs and level of investment?
  • What will be the impact on customer service?

When optimizing your distribution network and logistics processes, we take a holistic approach that factors in the effect of supply chain changes on your transport, storage and inventory costs. This guarantees you a complete overview of the overall impact including pragmatic, tailor-made solutions for direct implementation.

Distribution network advice

As outlined here, the first step in optimizing the distribution network is to conduct thorough analysis. Needless to say, it is also important to explore the profitability of the analysis activities.

We can help you to implement improvements across the whole spectrum of logistics processes – not only in terms of ‘quick wins’, but also by supporting the optimization of your entire physical distribution network and facilitating the use of relevant software. You can rely on us throughout the entire process!

If you would like to know more about optimizing your distribution network, feel free to contact our experts.

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Topics in distribution network & warehouse optimization

Redesigning logistics processes

Before you can start improving the efficiency of your operational processes and logistics, it is first necessary to conduct a thorough evaluation. Once the improvement opportunities have been identified, the next step is to start redesigning the operational logistics processes. This can include:

  • Designing/redesigning a warehouse
  • Optimizing and setting up the transport network
  • Defining supply chain processes
  • E-fulfillment advice
  • Customer care improvements.

Optimizing the warehouse layout

Every manufacturer and trading company has warehousing and logistics activities of some kind. The right layout and relevant mechanization level is absolutely fundamental to a smooth-running warehouse. The layout refers to the design of storage methods and systems inside the warehouse. Many businesses find it difficult to identify the optimal warehouse layout and the ideal routing.

Considerations include which activities are performed where, how much space is required, how goods move through the facility, the potential for mechanization and – ultimately – the overall optimization of the warehouse.

At Groenewout, we have extensive experience in setting up and designing warehouses. In fact, we go beyond providing support in optimizing the warehouse layout and in designing logistics mechanization. Besides developing a detailed warehouse layout for you, we can also help you with detailed project planning, extensions of existing warehouses, engineering, contracting and risk assessment.


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