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Inventory Management

March 19, 2024 619 Views

APM Terminals on Maasvlakte II is a state-of-the-art automated facility, open since 2015. APMT has its own maintenance and repair organization for all equipment. To support this, most spare parts are kept on stock locally. The parts are split into Consumables (that are operated via a Kanban system) and Spare Parts. The Parts are ordered based on (safety) stock parameters and historical usage, as well as planned maintenance schedules.



APMT organized a Kaikaku to improve the inventory management, focussing on the following 3 area:

  • Procedures
  • Stock parameters (split between consumables and parts, definition of criticality, reorder point, reorder level)
  • Warehouse lay-out and processes

Groenewout was asked to support the preparation for the Kaikaku


There were several sessions between APMT and Groenewout, discussing potential improvements on all 3 subjects. 

Also Groenewout developed a calculation model to optimize the stock parameters, both for consumables and parts. With this Excel model, new stock parameters are calculated, based on the desired service level and historical data on demand, supplier lead time and reliability of the lead time. Also the new stock level was compared with the actual stock level.


  • Optimization of stock parameters, leading to higher service level and lower inventory value
  • Focus on non-moving high value parts; which parts are really critical?
  • Identification of potential improvements on procedures and on warehouse processes