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Design and implementation of a new warehouse

December 05, 2023 1090 Views

Marel Poultry offers a range of advanced machines and systems designed for poultry meat processing. Located in Boxmeer (NL) they have a production location where machines are assembled and shipped to their customers worldwide. Due to growth, the current warehouse has become too small.


Marel had the opportunity to buy a lot of land next to their existing location in Boxmeer, which opened the opportunity to build a new warehouse. Marel first asked Groenewout to design the warehouse, the lay-out, processes and equipment. Later in time Marel asked Groenewout to tender & contract, and to support the implementation.


Multiple lay-outs were created and evaluated before finalizing the warehouse design. It was important to establish a good connection between the new warehouse and the existing campus where the production is located (the customer of the warehouse).

Various GtP-concepts (Cubic vs Vertical Lift Modules) were compared against a conventional shelf rack solution with multi-order picking. Mechanization turned out to be beneficial for the small goods. Large goods should remain conventional in pallet racks and cantilever racks. All comparisons were supported by data analysis.

For the tendering of the different logistic solutions Groenewout created all documentation, such as requirements documents, tender procedures and evaluation reports. For every solution multiple suppliers were invited to the tender. Working together with Marel Purchasing ensured that all tenders (racking, mezzanine with multiple floors and shelving, Vertical Storage system, elevator for goods and persons, location numbering, markings and collision protections) were completed successfully.

During the construction of the new warehouse Groenewout was part of the weekly Project Meetings to coordinate the work of construction companies, the operational team, IT, Purchasing.

Groenewout supported in the realization of the equipment tendered and was the main point of contact for suppliers.


Marel Poultry experienced the added value of having a professional partner for the design and project management from start to finish.

  • Optimization of the warehouse processes
  • Logistic operational design and financial business case on the implementation of a vertical storage solution
  • A logistic concept which is ready for the future
  • Proper evaluation of potential suppliers
  • Successful realization of all equipment
  • Project completed within budget and planning