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Optimization last mile deliveries

October 26, 2023 1078 Views

Mosadex offers optimal care and services to more than 800 affiliated independent pharmacies, 500 Service Pharmacies, 250 healthcare institutions, 300 drugstores and more than 11 million (healthcare) consumers in the Netherlands.


Mosadex has the ambition to:

  • Optimize pharmaceutical logistics, creating efficiencies in the pharmacies,
  • Through this efficiency better serve our patients with care and digital services,
  • Through digitalization and focus on healthcare, repositioning and expanding its role to increase trust in the pharmacist as a healthcare professional,
  • Based on recognition and trust, we develop new collaboration models.


To support this strategy ambition, Groenewout conducted a distribution network assessment to determine:

  • The optimal transport routings on final mile distribution,
  • The financial impact and service implications of direct-to-patient shipments,
  • The efficiency opportunities on central filling of pharmacists prescriptions.


  • Defined opportunities to reduce the inter-company and final-mile distribution costs.
  • A logistics operational design and financial business case on the implementation of a direct-to-patient logistics service.
  • Capacity and financial assessment on the implemented strategy of central filling.