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Automating logistics and warehousing

In today’s ever-changing and highly demanding market, a clear shift is underway towards warehouse automation. The logistics and warehousing activities in most big distribution centers are already partially if not fully robotized. But the opportunities for automation are not limited to large operations alone. Warehouse automation can benefit the whole supply chain in terms of greater speed and efficiency, reducing the risk of mistakes and increasing employee productivity. If you are keen to explore the opportunities for logistics automation in your warehouse or distribution center, feel free to contact consulting firm Groenewout for advice.

Which automation solution is best aligned with your objectives?

When people think of logistics robotization they often think of major changes such as a whole new warehouse, but there are many other, less drastic opportunities for automation. Even small improvements in existing facilities can often significantly improve the logistics processes. Examples can include order picking technology and robotization of monotonous tasks such as data capture.

At consulting firm Groenewout we have extensive experience of conducting automation studies, designing and optimizing warehouses and streamlining all kinds of logistics activities. Our approach is based on the following steps:

Step 1:

analyzing your operational processes

A feasibility study is designed to establish whether warehouse automation will indeed achieve the desired benefits. We conduct a logistics feasibility study to gather data about your operational processes.

We then evaluate the current situation and discuss future scenarios to help you make a carefully considered, data-driven decision.

Step 2:

automating the warehouse

In this phase of warehouse automation we prepare an overview of your automation options. Which concepts are available and what can be expected in the future? What are the advantages of robots and which challenges are associated with them? After providing our advice, we support you during the implementation of the chosen automation solutions – not only in your warehouse, but also in your logistics and distribution process.

This results in a more effective and more streamlined, future-proof process.

How can logistics consultancy firm Groenewout help you?

The targeted deployment of logistics and warehouse automation can enable you to gain a competitive edge, save costs, improve your service, boost employee satisfaction and demonstrate industry leadership. We’re happy to help you achieve these or other objectives. If you have any questions or would like to receive more information about logistics automation, please feel free to contact our experts.

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