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Relocation of the European Distribution Center

November 06, 2018 5905 Views

Hollister Limited (USA) is active in the medical device sector. It manufactures and distributes products for ostomy care and continence care.

Hollister had outgrown its EMEA DC in Etten-Leur and the 10 year lease was due to end in spring of 2018. Two years ahead Hollister was looking for support to understand what the optimal location is for the EMEA DC considering future elements such as labor intense repackaging processes and a shift of sourcing as it will open a plant in Eastern Europe. The ideal location turned out still to be southern part of the Netherlands.
Hollister then requested support to find a new site, design the logistics processes & hardware solutions and perform project management during construction of the facility and installation of all logistics equipment.


Groenewout has taken the lead during these stages:

  • Distribution network analyses
  • Site survey & selection of real estate developer
  • Design of warehouse operation
  • Procurement of all logistics systems / equipment
  • Installation of logistics systems / equipment
  • Commissioning the facility & logistics systems


Overall responsibility on design project management in one hand, by an experienced and knowledgeable team that takes ownership to deliver the project in time and within budget. Hollister highly appreciated:

  • Effective communication and cooperative partnership
  • Objective and challenging as project partner
  • Knowledge & experience
  • Pro-active and hands-on attitude

Successful transition to new location and adapt to new processes without breaching service levels. The proposed project budget and timelines were honored at all stages.

Click here for the interview with Job Sonke regarding the relocation of the new EDC.