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Strategy logistics distribution network footprint

November 07, 2018 6406 Views



Isero is a leading specialist distributor of tools, iron mongery and fixings wholesaler. They market their products via local brand stores which are serviced on a daily basis by the central DC located in Woerden. Next to regular in store shopping & pick-up, branches also offer on site deliveries to local customers.


Isero anticipated significant growth for the upcoming years. It was expected that the storage capacity of the Woerden site would not be able to support this ambition. Furthermore, the current building layout put a restriction on an efficient logistics operation. Therefore, Isero wanted to review their current storage – and distribution structure with the aim to improve logistics efficiency and increase quality and service to the customer.


  • Simulating the As-Is warehouse & distribution set-up in order to review current & future need for warehouse space (m²).
  • Conducting a financial – and operational assessment on a set of jointly defined strategic distribution concepts.
  • Advise on feasibility and related costs of each concept.
  • Development of a transition plan towards the preferred end-state scenario.


Deliverables include:

  • Quantification of various distribution network concepts to support the decision making.
  • Evaluation of the viable distribution network concepts on both quantitative and qualitative aspects.
  • Operational cost calculation for new distribution network.