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Logistics due diligence and synergy

Groenewout has a strong track record in engaging with private equity funds and investors. We are often requested to:

  • perform logistics due diligence in support of a planned merger or acquisition
  • identify and implement supply chain synergies
  • develop a supply chain growth strategy.

Our consultants have extensive expertise and experience in translating today’s logistics demands into short and long-term solutions. They can also provide you with insights into the current state of the logistics operation and the impact of your growth ambition on the logistics set-up.

A logistics assessment by Groenewout can support a transaction decision by:
  • Providing you with an overview of logistics risks, concerns, opportunities and key findings (before acquisition)
  • Conducting a technical screening of the logistics facilities
  • Identifying the short and long-term benefits to increase efficiency and facilitate growth (after acquisition)
  • Calculating the high-level return on investment of potential investments
  • Estimating the necessary investments, future capacities, FTEs and square footage
  • Determining future stock coverage and the associated capital investments
  • Issuing a conclusion and recommendations for use in the process of securing resources in order to finance the proposed acquisition (such as bank loans).

Every organization is constantly striving for the most efficient, responsive and reliable logistics processes. Below, we outline our approach (before and after acquisition) for each type of logistics assessment:


Please download our brochure Logistics due dilligence and synergy.

Productsheet LOGISTIC DUE DILLIGENCE (before acquisition)

Groenewout conducts state-of-the-art logistics analysis to perform a logistics assessment in support of the due diligence process. Click here to download more information about logistics due diligence.

Productsheet STRATEGIC INITIATIVE ROADMAP (after acquisition)

Groenewout conducts state-of-the-art logistics analysis to perform a logistics assessment in support of your strategic objectives. Click here to download for more information about the strategic initiative roadmap.


Please contact Alain Beerens with any questions or to discuss our approach – and our accomplishments together with some of the leading private equity firms in Europe – in more detail.