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Benchmark and feasibility study​

March 19, 2024 685 Views

NINE & Co is the parent company of 6 brands: Noppies, Supermom, Queen Mum, Esprit for mums, Imps&Elfs and Alvi. All experts in the field of pregnancy, babies and children up to six years of age.



  • Nine & Co is experiencing an increase in warehouse costs as a percentage of sales. 
  • Furthermore, Nine & Co is struggling to carry out all operations within the available warehouse space. Sales growth in the coming years combined with market trends will further increase that space pressure.


  • Full operational costs (variable and fixed) are made transparent and broken down across sales channels (B2B/Retail/B2C) to arrive at a CPU for each channel.
  • A benchmark is performed for each CPU and sales channel. 
  • Analyses of warehouse operations to identify potential areas for improvement.


  • Clear understanding of fixed and variable costs by activity and sales channel.
  • Clear understanding of the market conformity of the various cost components (including housing costs, personnel costs, cost for rturn handling etc.).
  • Clear understanding of potential process improve-ments to optimize warehouse space and efficiency.
  • Overview and evaluation of potential alternative (mechanized) solutions.