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Construction management & engineering

With a new building there is always an underlying objective, such as to increase operational efficiency, optimize the logistics processes and/or reduce the overall costs. But whether for office premises or a warehouse facility, constructing a new building or extending an existing one always involves a lot of extra work, so it requires intensive construction management. In addition to your everyday tasks, you face making lots of decisions, arranging things and managing a design and/or construction company.

At consulting firm Groenewout, we have long-standing knowledge and experience relating to construction management and engineering, and we understand the possibilities and pitfalls. We can support any kind of construction project from the design stage through to completion. We ensure that all the activities are organized and coordinated effectively, so that you have peace of mind and can focus on your core business.

Phases of construction management

  1. The first phase of constructing a new building or expanding an existing one is to conduct a feasibility study. At Groenewout, our specialists assess the current and future situation so that you can make a well-founded final decision based on quantitative analysis. The design and the specifications of the requirements for the building (Program of Requirements) are defined based on the intended purpose of the building, e.g. for logistics operations. Our consultants are also experts on things like environmental permits.
  2. The second phase entails tendering to find all the necessary realization partners.
  3. The third phase is focused on the realization and implementation of the building.
  4. The fourth phase revolves around completion, testing, training and the final handover.
  5. In the fifth and final phase, Groenewout’s experts monitor the situation and manage any necessary adaptations.

Projectmanagement support

In all phases of construction management, we ensure effective communication between everyone involved and we keep a close eye on the progress of the building project in terms of time, budget, risks and quality.

Clear agreements with suppliers and a single point of contact have proved to be essential ingredients in the fast and smooth realization of construction projects.

Construction management support

Our consultants are construction management and engineering specialists across virtually all industries. We offer you a multidisciplinary approach and ensure that your logistics building is optimally functional – both today and in the future.

If you would like to know more about construction management and engineering, feel free to contact our experts.


The construction of a new building or extension of an existing one is preceded by a lengthy and complex process.

For greater insight into all the steps that are involved, you can download our product sheet on the DESIGN, TENDERING & REALIZATION OF DISTRIBUTION CENTERS.


  • Construction management comprises advising, organizing, supervising, negotiating, monitoring, checking and evaluating the building process. We take care of construction management from start to finish. We ensure that all suppliers follow the agreed plan and honor their commitments, and that the construction project fulfills all the relevant criteria.

    In The Netherlands, construction projects are subject to countless rules and regulations that are changing all the time, making the building process very complex. Hence, effective construction management is indispensable.

  • Our construction management activities include, among other things:

    • Arranging building permits
    • Tendering
    • Arranging contracts with developers and/or subcontractors
    • Project planning
    • Project finance
    • Project management
    • Project completion and handover
  • Please feel free to contact our consultants. We’re here to help!

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