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Sparring partner Blue Print design

November 25, 2019 4510 Views


Active Ants is an e-commerce fulfillment provider for webstores. Their process is supported by an AutoStore storage and picking system. Active Ants stores, picks and packs the orders and arranges the shipments to the consumer for their clients.


Packing is a typically time-consuming activity within the e-fulfillment process.

Active Ants requested support in the evaluation of several solutions for automated packing. Furthermore, the differences / advantages of each solution & supplier are to be compared together with the impact on operational costs (packing material spend).


Groenewout has compared several suppliers of automated carton packing. Additionally, supporting processes such as dunnage, labeling and printing on the cartons are also considered as part of an overall end-of-line solution.

For the evaluated technical solutions, the impact on packing material costs are evaluated to obtain the best technical solution with lowest OPEX.


Active Ants benefits from:

  • proper evaluation of the correct automated packing technique and impact on packing costs.
  • contribution to the overall design of the lay-out and process with an automated system
  • Groenewout’s expertise in e-fulfilment and related automation.

As a result, the most optimal technical packing solution is selected with lowest costs on corrugated carton.