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Design material handling

June 16, 2021 5143 Views

B&S Group is a global distribution partner for consumer goods, both food and non-food.
There international customers are in:

  • Retail (B2B); Value, online, secondary, underserved, duty-free;
  • Maritime; Ship suppliers and cruise lines;
  • Remote; Caterers at remote industrial sites, peacekeeping missions, government and defence operations;
  • Retail (B2C); Customers in (travel) retail outlets and specialty retail markets.

Due to significant growth, B&S was looking to extent its warehouse in Dordrecht. The ambition of senior management was to implement a mechanization solution with automatic cranes.


  • B&S asked Groenewout to design the material handling concepts, i.e. receiving, put-away, storage, picking, packing and shipping of their stocked products in the TO-BE extended Dordrecht warehouse.
  • After the logistics design Groenewout supported B&S with the project management (both building as logistics equipment) and Go-Live support of the extended warehouse facility.


  • One stop shop solution for the logistics & warehouse design, tendering & contracting, construction management and GO-Live support.
  • Trusted advisor for logistics and warehouse projects within the different business units of B&S.