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WMS Selection

October 23, 2023 1207 Views

Vos Logistics is a specialist in the area of transport and customer-specific logistics services. The company operates throughout Europe. Within Solutions, customer-specific solutions are offered: from forwarding, storage and value-added services and distribution to full supply chain solutions in which Vos Logistics takes over the control of the complete flow of goods or parts thereof from the customer. Vos Logistics is one of the largest road haulers in Europe in the field of international bulk and volume transport.


To allow for further growth in volume, efficiency and functionalities, Vos Logistics opted for selecting a new WMS after their current WMS solution was announced EOL.


A team with key- and super-users of several warehouses, IT, legal, Vos management and a Groenewout project manager was formed to give input on content of the project and manage the selection process.

After setting up a functional requirements matrix and a technical requirements list a preferred WMS package and supplier was selected. This was done following the mentioned phases. During each phase or subphase the team evaluated the performance of each supplier and if they were allowed to continue.

  • Request for Information with suppliers on the longlist, including questionnaire, supplier
    presentation and workshop focussing on supporting key-functionalities and technical set-up.
  • Request for Quotation with suppliers on the shortlist, including formal quotation and reference visits.
  • Contract negotiations with the preferred supplier based on the Vos contract documents.


  • Clear insight of the available and applicable WMS packages and suppliers.
  • Evaluation and rational after each (sub) phase, why a supplier should continue in the process.
  • Thorough negotiations and a clear contract cover-ing the legal and commercial terms of the roll out.