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Warehouse Optimization

January 23, 2023 2491 Views

Euro-Rijn XL is a part of the Euro-Rijn Group which is a global logistics service provider and specialized in the non-food retail sector. They take care of the entire logistics process of their customers (online) retail organizations, allowing them to focus on their core business. With over 350.000 square meters of warehouses in strategic locations, they are capable of handling large logistic operations.


Since Euro-Rijn XL is passionate about improving their operational processes for their customers, they asked Groenewout to help them re-evaluate their current logistic processes and storage concepts for one of their largest customers. This logistic operation spans over 120.000 square meters of warehouse.


Groenewout has performed a thorough data analysis and  feasibility study to investigate the benefits and cost impact of:

  • Several different logistic concepts, both manual concepts and more automated concepts;
  • General process improvements 


The feasibility study led to several benefits for the Euro-Rijn XL.

  • Since a thorough data analysis has been performed, a lot of insights were gathered that helped the customer understand their operation even better. Examples are logistic flows, storage profiles over time, operational productivities and many other intricacies related to their operation.
  • The feasibility study yielded a comprehensive overview of the investigated logistic concepts. They have been carefully evaluated on both quantitative aspects (CAPEX, OPEX, storage capacity, etc.) as well as quantitative aspects (flexibility, scalability, quality, etc.) to determine a preferred logistic concept for the future.