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Warehouse Feasibility Study

February 27, 2023 2407 Views

DSG Fulfilment is a large distributor of building materials. Their warehouse in Zaandam specializes in plywood and decorative sheets and panels. The delivery market is mainly the Netherlands with a growing Belgian market. 


DSG fulfilment has grown over the past years exceeding the storage and handling capacity of their current DC. This has created an inefficient lay-out with amongst others increased driving distances. 

The management of DSG Fulfilment wanted to investigate the feasibility of a new DC on a new site and asked Groenewout to perform a network study to determine the best area to build a new DC together with a feasibility study for the best new logistics concept of the DC.

The future logistics concept in the DC  needed to be, less depending on manual labour.  This is because the availability in getting more challenging towards the future and also the piece picking activities are intensive from an ergonomic point of view.  


Data was analysed and verified to support a network study in 2 ways, using AnyLogistics and an Excel model. For the feasibility study of the logistics concept several concepts containing manual and mechanized solutions including AGVs and/or AMRs were proposed and calculated using the Groenewout Ware-2-Store model. In addition, further automatization for piece picking was considered for several product groups separately. A 3D SketchUp drawing was made to visualize the new in – and exterior of the DC.


  • Expected cost savings due to FTE reduction and insight in future CAPEX and OPEX.
  • Reduced dependency on FTE due to future proof, fully automated handling concept.
  • Insight in best future area for the site regarding distribution km’s.