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Warehouse Feasibility Study Bunzl

July 24, 2023 1667 Views

Bunzl Retail & Industries is part of the Bunzl Group. Bunzl is the largest value-added distributor of non-trade goods to food and non-food customers. An important part of their business are bread bags, 80% of the bread bags in the Netherlands come from Bunzl. The carton packing materials are also a big flow for Bunzl. The delivery market for Bunzl Retail & Industries is mainly the Netherlands.


Bunzl Retail & Industries expected to grow over the years. Despite their new warehouse, which was built in 2019, they expect that the warehouse will soon be too small. This because some of their biggest customers expect to grow hard in the coming years. Bunzl asked Groenewout to perform a feasibility study for their warehouses in Waalwijk and Arnhem. As part of this study Groenewout also looked to the division of product groups over the warehouses.


Data was analysed and verified. First, the product groups were divided over the warehouses in a logical way. Result of this exercise was an option for a new warehouse for solely carton packing materials, which are mainly sold per pallet.

The new warehouse was designed, and several automated solutions were presented, among which a pallet shuttle, AGVs and a roaming shuttle solution. These scenarios and their business cases were calculated using the Ware-2-Store model. Lastly, a 3D SketchUp drawing was made to get an idea and feeling of the different concepts in the new warehouse.


  • Insights in costs and savings for several concepts.​
  • Several future proof concepts.​
  • Insights in the costs for the different solutions.​