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Support realization logistics design

February 19, 2021 5110 Views

REV’IT! is an international manufacturer and motorcycle clothing distributor. Started in 1995 in Oss (the Netherlands) they sell products worldwide and have warehouses in the Netherlands and the US.


Due to their growth REV’IT! needed to move to a larger location to allow more office and storage space. In 2017 a validation of the previous feasibility study was executed resulting in a warehouse design fit for the future. REV’IT! decided the head office and warehouse were to be combined in one building in the close vicinity of Oss. 


REV’IT! did the overall project management themselves, but they required support on the logistics part of the project. The following activities were executed:

  • Draw-up a Program of Requirements for the racking, mezzanine, material handling equipment and shipping conveyor;
  • Provide a supplier long- and shortlist;
  • Support REV’IT! during the contracting and construction phase, answering questions regarding the content of the proposals and issues during realization.


REV’IT! was able to execute the project on their conditions and getting the lay-out that supported the concept as was designed during the feasibility study.​ This concept  allowed for a more efficient operation, shorter lead times and having sufficient storage and pick locations now and in the future.