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Supply Chain Strategy / Distribution Network Study

February 07, 2022 3922 Views

Dille & Kamille is a chain of 30+ retail stores. in the main city centers of the Netherlands and the northern part of Belgium. It also has an online store that has been active since 2010. It delivers in most European countries via various postal services. Dille & Kamille markets articles for cooking, creative hobbies, gardening, decoration and maintenance of the house, hygiene and beauty as well as books, food and small furniture. Since the brand was created, the majority of products have been made from natural, ecological, recycled or recyclable materials. 


Dille & Kamille has plans to expand the number of shops including entering new markets in the UK, France and Germany. Therefore a new supply chain strategy has to be developed supporting the new company strategy, market proposition and organic sales growth. 


Activities done by Groenewout:

  • Translate expansion plans in growth volumes & shipment profiles;
  • Financial- and operational assessment on different logistics strategy alternatives;
  • Investments and transition costs;
  • Insourcing & outsourcing assessment.


New logistics strategy with the most efficient operational set-up supporting Dille & Kamille requirements on customer service, reliability, flexibility and responsiveness.