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Study Automated Packing Solutions

October 25, 2023 1203 Views

Atlas Copco Airpower at Wilrijk is running an AutoStore implementation, and they have to make design decisions already about potential automated packing solutions for the future. The idea is to start manual, but to transform this flow to a partial/full packing automation solution with a print & apply concept. Atlas Copco wants to investigate feasible automated packing solutions.


Groenewout supported Atlas Copco in the design by a roadmap. First step was to analyse the throughout capacity. In the second step the available suppliers
with their technical possibilities and constraints (box types, min/max. box dimensions, carton thickness) were matched to determine feasible packing configurations. In a last and final step the business case was calculated showing the CAPEX potential OPEX savings and the layout impact was determined by 3D CAD model.​


The Atlas Copco team benefits from:

  • Extensive market knowledge of available packing solutions.
  • Feasibility of matching potential configuration and the impact on flows.
  • Clear view on FTE impact based on conceptual choices to be made.
  • Insights about possible machine placement due to 3D solution sizing.
  • Proper risk evaluation of potential bottlenecks (carton thickness, odd size shipping label etc.).