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Logistics Master Plan

February 27, 2023 1839 Views

SoLow is a retail formula for fun shopping with shops in the Netherlands (45), Belgium (2) and a webshop. From their central DC in Culemborg shops are supplied 1-2 times a week.







SoLow has ambitious growth plans which can not be realized in the existing DC.


  • Analyses on warehouse and transport data;
  • Center of gravity analysis and evaluation alternative distribution solutions;
  • Capacity calculation for storage and order fulfillment solution;
  • Feasibility study on alternative warehouse concepts;
  • Detailed design of optimal warehouse concept.


  • Clear view on optimal distribution structure to manage future growth / extra shops and it’s geographical expansion;
  • Clear view on storage development in coming years and limitations of existing storage capacity;
  • Clear view on CAPEX and OPEX for alternative warehouse concepts;
  • Recommended warehouse concept results in 25% FTE reduction;
  • Detailed warehouse lay out.