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Implementation Support US Warehouse​

October 25, 2023 1416 Views

The GNT Group is an independent, family-owned company focused on long-term success and the sustainable development of truly natural coloring solutions. This makes them a trusted partner to a growing number of food and beverage companies worldwide that want to meet the increasing consumer demand for visually outstanding natural products with clean and clear labels.


Due to continuous growth in the US market, GNT decided to make their supply chain more effective and resilient by starting up production activities on US soil and at the same time to insource their US logistics 3PL activities both in one new physical site.


Within the team Groenewout was responsible for the design, tendering and realization of the logistics equipment e.g., racking, MHE guardrails, packing machines etc.

To make a good connection to the US market Groenewout teamed up for this project with their US based partner Commonwealth supply chain advisors. Due to the Corona pandemic the US and European teams were not allowed to meet with the team, their partner or the potential suppliers, not during design and tendering but even not during the actual construction.

The project was completely managed via Teams meetings. ​ The GNT products require different storage conditions, ambient, chilled and frozen and these storage zones were realized in the warehouse. In addition, intermediate and finished products are stored together based on storage requirements. Having a safe environment amongst others having clearly marked and guarded walkways was a GNT requirement.


  • Translation of the European design to a design within US market standards and regulations and against US budget prices.
  • Clear tender process to select the best supplier including reference visits.
  • In time and within budget implementation allowing the GNT operation transition planning.