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Implementation support e-fulfilment operation

February 21, 2022 3881 Views

Active Ants is an e-commerce fulfillment provider for webstores. Their process is supported by an AutoStore storage and picking system combined with an innovative AMR solution for internal transport and automated carton packing machines. 


Active Ants is realizing a Europe wide roll-out of the e-fullfilment concept as realized in Roosendaal.

In line with the support during the initial site, Active Ants requested support for technical conceptual realization as well as project management realization. Additionally, multiple parts of the solution where re-tendered for which commercial support was requested.


Groenewout has supported during the conceptual design and in parallel advised during the tendering of the main automation, being Autostore and conveyors.

In the next phase of the project, Groenewout actively had the project lead as project manager combined with technical verification and integration support on site.


Active Ants benefits from: 

  • Proper evaluation of the suppliers on technical and commercial aspect during the tendering phase
  • Contribution to the overall design of the lay-out and process with an automated system and verification of technical details during the project implementation
  • Strong project management skill ensuring on-time project delivery
  • Multidisciplinary project support including vital input for fire protection guidelines and building interfaces