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Feasibility study warehouse

February 07, 2022 3499 Views

tarkettTarkett is one of the world leading manufacturers of flooring and sport surface solutions, including floor covering, carpet, wood, artificial turf, PVC, linoleum etc. The yearly turnover of Tarkett is $2.4 billion. One of the sites of Tarkett in Waalwijk, previously Desso, produces about 11.5 million m2 of carpet tiles per year.  


Tarkett’s warehouse in Waalwijk has reached the limits of its storage capacity. As a result products are stored at several sites leading to high operating costs and longer lead times to customers. Tarkett requested to execute a feasibility study for a warehouse design for all carpet tiles and hard floors. 


The project started with analyzing the current situation. This resulted in a basic data document (BDD) which contains all the starting points upon which the future warehouse design is based (daily good flows, current stock levels, expected growth patterns and current logistic process).

Next, the impact of several scenarios for the future warehouse design was estimated. After evaluating multiple criteria such as safety, OPEX, CAPEX, ROI & reliability Tarkett selected an automized concept with AGVs  and pickrobots as the preferred scenario.

In this scenario fully automated narrow aisle trucks and stackers are responsible for the pallet handling of the carpet tiles. The main reasons for choosing this scenario is separation of people & warehouse trucks, reduction of operating costs and a positive ROI.  


Efficient and sustainable DC Tarkett

  • Insight in the material flow of Tarkett’s carpet tile & hard floor’s business; 
  • A safe warehouse design in which warehouse trucks and employees are separated;
  • Opportunity for a significant reduction of labor costs by using automated warehouse trucks and in time pick robots
  • A concept which gives a positive ROI;
  • A possibility to get more control over the supply chain.

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