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Distribution Network Study & Logistics Master Plan Belgium

January 23, 2023 2573 Views

Intermarché Belgium (ITM) has 78 stores in Wallonia and is growing fast. Replenishment of the stores was done via 2 distribution centers and partly directly from suppliers. The logistics operations had difficulties to keep up with the growth. During the study ITM acquired 86 stores of Mestdagh (Carrefour franchise stores) including their main warehouse.




What is the optimal supply chain footprint and warehouse infrastructure considering:

  • Dry, fresh, frozen, fruit & vegetables, meat, bread
  • Mechanization opportunities
  • Keep current warehouse(s), expansion or greenfield
  • (In)Direct transportation to stores
  • Consolidation of ITM and Mestdagh stores


Many network scenarios were analyzed for the DC footprint (including what-is).  Additionally, different mechanization concepts were analyzed for fresh and dry.


  • Logistics model for decision-making process (emphasis on phased transition approach)
  • In-depth transition planning in-line with cashflows in order to elaborate business cases for many scenarios (NPV-based ROI)