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Conceptual Design of Central Warehouse

October 25, 2023 1345 Views

Perfectly Basics is an online fashion shop for women that offers a collection of luxury clothing, accessories, and home & beauty products. With their first online sale dating back to 2006, it was one of the pioneering e-commerce fashion shops in the Netherlands. The company offers a personal approach to their clients, which has resulted in many satisfied and returning customers.



Perfectly Basics has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. Their current warehouse, with an area of approximately 1100 m² in Haarlem, is therefore approaching its capacity limits. They have had the chance to lease the neighboring warehouse, with an area of 850 m², for the upcoming 5 years. This presents an ideal opportunity to (re)-evaluate their logistics operations and come up with a new design to create a future-proof warehouse.


Groenewout assisted Perfectly Basics in gaining a better understanding of their logistics operations by conducting data analyses of the warehouse processes. This resulted in a dynamic Power BI model, allowing real-time monitoring of the data. Based on these analyses, improvements were proposed to enhance processes, equipment usage, and storage strategies. These proposed enhancements were modeled to assess their feasibility within a new design, considering Perfectly Basics’ current growth trajectory. Lastly, the conceptual warehouse design was visualized using SketchUp.  ​


  • Ensuring the warehouse’s resilience for the future.
  • Assessing their existing operations and implementing improvements where feasible.
  • Reducing the required manpower on the floor.
  • Streamlining the required square footage for both current and future storage of their entire collection.
  • A blueprint outlining the design for the recently leased warehouse and enhancements for the existing premises.
  • Process descriptions that aid in a potential Warehouse Management System (WMS) procurement process.