Are you utilizing the full potential of your transport logistics?

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We know the challenges you face:

Our transport consulting offers you the following advantages:

We show you what potential lies in your current transport flows and networks.

Our experts help to make your costs transparent, analyze your processes, and work with you to explore possibilities for optimization:

  • Reduction of transport costs and reduction of fleet size

  • Increased efficiency and optimal use of existing transport fleet

  • Reduction of CO₂ emissions by cutting down on kilometers, tours and vehicles

Reasons for your individual benchmark

Our results clearly show:

If you want to cut your transport costs and reduce your CO₂ footprint, you’ve come to the right place.

Take a look at the average results we achieve on average for our customers.

up to1%
reduction of CO₂ emissions
up to1%
more efficiency in route planning
up to1%
punctuality of your agreed delivery times (ETA)

Developing a strategy in just three steps

1. Contact

Realistic benchmark based on your data: The benchmarking process begins with a detailed analysis of a historical data set covering a period of, for example, one day or one week from the operation of one of your terminals, hubs or depots. In this step, relevant operational data is collected and carefully prepared. This approach helps to create a solid foundation that not only provides insights into past performance, but which also offers a sound basis for the individual arrangement of future plans and possibilities for optimization.

2. Analysis & reporting

Direct performance comparison with your current route plans: Using your collected data, the multi-award-winning routing engine, Greenplan adapts the data input and the parameters to your specific individual needs and requirements. The result is a customized optimization that clearly identifies potential savings through a direct comparison with your existing route plans.

3. Clear strategy

Creation of a holistic report: The result of the benchmark process is presented in the form of a comprehensive final report. This report includes a management presentation containing an ROI calculation to evaluate the investment as well as, detailed overviews of the optimized tours in Excel, and aesthetically pleasing maps in which the route plans are shown.

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Are you utilizing the full potential of your transport logistics?

Let us show you the potential that lies in your current transport flows and networks.