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Warehouse Engineering Support

November 27, 2018 6513 Views


Crescent Garden is a manufacturer of home and garden products with production and distribution centers located in north and South America.



A quick scan of the logistic requirements for Crescent Garden, initiated due to the extensive growth expectation for the upcoming years.

reviewing their specific needs on warehouse space (ft²) and labor whilst also reviewing the current warehouse processes.



Review the current & future need for warehouse space (ft²) and labor (FTEs) by evaluating warehouse processed and advising on best practices and possible alternatives.

Estimate CAPEX & OPEX to support decision-making process.



Deliverables include:

  • A model to calculate required warehouse space, labor and MHE for selected warehouse layouts.
  • A financial business case on the selected scenarios, containing the operational costs as well as the initial investment.
  • A Program of Requirements, to be used as a guide in the search for a new location, listing critical characteristics and minimum requirements.