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Value/compare options new building

April 06, 2016 7074 Views

DHL Global Forwarding is the, market leading, sea and air freight division of parent company DHL. The air freight division handles all freight shipped via air. The freight is received from the airlines and sorted to the destinations in Europe (import process) and received from locations in Europe and sorted to destinations outside Europe (export process).

DHL Global Forwarding experience a large growth in their volumes. Currently 2 separate warehouses (near Schiphol Amsterdam) for import en export are used to handle the European freight. The use of only one warehouse could decrease the total m2 needed for the operation, due to synergy effects. DHL Global Forwarding requested to design a lay-out for this integrated warehouse.

Basic data was gathered and discussed for the current and future situation. The processes were mapped in two alternative models. One was the U-model, inbound and outbound at the same part of the building. The other one was the I-model, inbound at one side of the building, outbound at the other side. Requirements for the lay-out design were calculated. Drawings were made up and all pros and cons of the alternatives were quantified and discussed. With the result DHL can start discussions with real estate companies.


  • Clear insight in requirements for the future
  • With the drawings of the 32,000 m2 building, DHL can start to look for a site that meets the requirements
  • With the results of the study, DHL was able to make a well-founded decision for the most optimal lay-out alternative
  • lear insight is the use and feasibility of mechanized solutions for pallets and ULD’s in the warehouse.