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Transportation Optimization & Tendering

April 06, 2016 6453 Views


Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics has been growing as a result of a series of acquisitions a/o a division of Bayer. Siemens has decided to integrate the new volumes in their centralized organization in Duisburg.

The Transportation department has to find synergies from the accumulated volumes: “One order, one delivery”. The portfolio requires cold chain and hazardous goods solutions to deliver diagnostic consumables to laboratories, test-centers, hospitals etc

Groenewout supported the Siemens team, first by analyzing & summarizing shipment profiles and identifying the markets with high saving potential opportunities.
Siemens requested Groenewout to manage the tender processes for Benelux, France and the UK, including cost & service evaluations and rate negotiations.
Siemens and Groenewout jointly prepared and attended in the carrier meetings. The project was completed by selecting the primary carriers for all markets and prepare the contract details.

Groenewout’s contribution was highly appreciated:

  • Efficient data crunching & resulting conclusions
  • Composing professional RFP documentation sets
  • Managing timelines strictly with range of carriers
  • Smart advice during evaluations / negotiations