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Transportation benchmark

April 06, 2016 7109 Views


AKZO Marine & Protective Coatings is the world leader in products for the protection and decoration of hulls, interiors, and superstructures for ships and yachts, aerospace coatings, protective coatings and fire retardant products for large plants and off-shore installations.

AKZO wanted to improve the customer service (lead-times) and reduce transportation costs of European end-customer distribution, especially in relationship to the fine-distribution in France.

The client’s logistics data in France was compared with the benchmark figures available in the Groenewout database. Their transportation costs of the logistics service provider was rated above the market average. A tender procedure was developed for a new transportation contract to France.

Akzo Nobel gained 10% reduction of transportation costs to France and 30% additional cost savings were identified and are currently being implemented.