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Transport tender

November 07, 2018 5801 Views


Zebra is a global player in marking and printing technologies. Zebra’s technology helps companies to give a virtual voice to their assets, people or transactions and creating visibility along the entire supply chain by offering product identification solutions such as barcode printing or RFID programming.


As a result of a jointly conducted Distribution Network Optimization Zebra initiated the roll-out of the new Distribution Network Footprint. As part of this implementation process the entire EMEA transport was to be reviewed and new carriers had to be selected.

While Zebra took ownership of the transport tender project and communication with the long listed carriers, it was Groenewout who was responsible for the data validation, analysis and bid evaluation.

Following the consolidation of several DCs & crossdock locations, the new (consolidated) shipment volumes were to be simulated to support the bid evaluation.


Data driven analysis and bid evaluation based on consolidated shipment volumes.

  • Creation of an RFP document including shipment data, business requirements and price & response template with open questions.
  • 1st round qualitative and quantitative bid evaluation.
  • Creation of carrier specific feedback document allowing them to benchmark their bid with other tender participants.
  • 2nd and final round qualitative and quantitative bid evaluation based on revised quotes.
  • Validation of business case to shift transport providers, i.e. calculation of potential savings.