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Training Warehouse design

April 06, 2016 6766 Views

DHL is a Logistics Service Provider operating worldwide and is specialized in warehousing and distribution solutions, Value Added Services (VAS) and transportation.

DHL has a group of Logistics engineers to support their warehousing activities.

To improve their knowledge and capabilities, DHL requested Groenewout to facilitate a training in the area of warehousing.

Two experienced senior consultants held several interactive training sessions to a group of 15 engineers. The sessions were held different DHL locations.
Subjects of these sessions were:

  • How to gather and analyze information?
  • How to create and optimize warehouse designs?
  • How to make optimal use of Warehouse Management Systems?
  • What are effects and requirements from Buildings and installations, like sprinkler, on warehouse designs?

Every training session was supported by actual cases.


  • Better understanding on how to design warehouses
  • Hands-on approach of translating warehousing theory into daily practice
  • Improved warehouse solutions resulting in improved tender proposals
  • Input for improvements on existing WMS systems of DHL.