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Training Transport Management Systeem

April 06, 2016 6503 Views

Through innovation, growth and strategic acquisition, Pitney Bowes (NYSE: PBI) has become the $5.7 billion leader in the fast-growing mail stream category. They do business in more than 130 countries and employ over 35,000 mail stream professionals. Their capabilities span the entire mail stream—helping customers create, produce, distribute and manage their mail, documents and packages.

Pitney Bowes asked for a supply chain training to support their sales staff in Transport Management Systems (TMS).

A 1 day training course with the following main agenda:

  • Supply Chain outline and its impact / requirements on “transport & shipping” software solutions
  • Supply Chain decision drivers & best practices and its opportunities / threats for “transport & shipping” software solutions


  • Awareness with the sales staff on the perspective of the Supply Chain or Logistics Manager
  • Indicate those supply chain issues that prove a (in)direct opportunity for the “distribution solutions” sales force with PitneyBowes.