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Tender process to outsource warehouse & transport

April 06, 2016 8217 Views

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Nestlé Netherlands is a 100% subsidiary of Nestlé S.A, the world number one Food Company offering high quality brands to consumers. Nestlé Purina is the worlds leading pet care company, having brands like Felix, Gourmet, Bonzo and One in its brand portfolio.

Nestlé Food & Purina want to re-evaluate their distribution operations in the Netherlands in order to optimize costs, introduce flexibility and create additional capacity.

Groenewout supported Nestlé to tender their logistics activities, both warehousing and transport:

  • Set up Request for Quotation
  • Coordination of bidding process (Q&A follow-up)
  • Evaluation of proposals (Multi Criteria Analysis)
  • 3PL site visits
  • Selection preferred LSP

Per scenario, including take-over current Nestlé warehouse facility and activities, as defined in the RFQ, an extensive analysis on OPEX and relevant qualitative criteria has been prepared:

  • Operational fit, including ICT
  • Account Management
  • Implementation (risk management)
  • Flexibility (changing volumes and products)

Accomplished 3PL’s warehouse and transport solution, offered Nestlé the following benefits:

  • Yearly 10% cost saving, relative to current logistic cost level (warehouse efficiency and distribution synergy)
  • Potential of additional longer term saving by means of consolidation of Nestlé Food & Purina in a multi-client warehouse environment
  • Take-over Nestlé resources, where social responsibility has been secured.