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Support feasibility study new DC

November 07, 2018 6552 Views


Bunzl Retail & Industry is a wholesale company in packaging material and disposables. Bunzl delivers to Food and Non food companies.


Bunzl has 3 different locations in Arnhem, Duiven and Den Bosch and asked Groenewout to perform a feasibility study to combine those 3 into 1 location, taking into account growth and logistics optimizations.


To define their new layout and logistics concept several steps were taken;

  • Analyze current flows, processes and data.
  • Set up several new logistic concepts including capex and costs.
  • Decide on final concept and set up a new layout and needed m2 for a new facility.
  • After this assignment a new assignment was added to look for an existing or new location. We have conducted a market study to advise Bunzl with all relevant options regarding their specific demands.


  • Analyzing their current flows and numbers gave them already a huge insight in their own operation and ‘low hanging fruit options’ for optimization, which they can already implement.
  • Bunzl has a concrete m2 needed calculation for their future DC incl growth scenarios.
  • Bunzl knows the current process and IT bottlenecks.