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Support design, tender and realization into new building

November 06, 2018 5993 Views


PartsPoint is an internationally operating company, specializing in the distribution and sales of automotive parts and accessories. PartsPoint Group owns various brands, formulas and chains in this competitive and specialized line of business – a  playing field that is increasingly international in nature. PartsPoint Group is located in Ede, in the Netherlands.


Due to the reorganization of the logistic process there was a shortage on storage -, VAS -, and office space on the main locations.

PartsPoint was looking for support during the design, tendering and realization phase, to translate their wishes into a new building.


Groenewout managed the various phases/aspects of the project consisting of 5000m² regular storage and VAS, 2500m² dangerous goods storage, 500m² office building.

  • Architectural & technical design,
  • Tendering & contracting,
  • Environmental and building permits,
  • BREEAM certification,
  • Fire safety with foam outside air extinguisher installation, and
  • HVAC & E-installation.



By choosing 1 responsible technical consultant, the client was guaranteed of an efficient integration of the different aspects of the development which resulted in a shorter lead-time (1 ½ year from first design till an operational building).