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Supply Chain implementation

April 06, 2016 6353 Views

Supply chain implementation project for JohnsonDiversey, an industry leader in cleaning and hygiene solutions to the institutional and industrial marketplace.
JohnsonDiversey serves customers in the lodging, food services, retail, health care, food and beverage sectors as well as building service contractors worldwide

Our Supply Chain strategy advice showed that for chemical products (cleaning fluids) and utensils the set up of regional warehouses is the most cost efficient model to meet the lead time requirements.
For the Iberian market the performance of the LSP, the fact that there were 3 warehouses and the costly distribution set up were the key motivators to change.

Groenewout lead the tender for centralized warehousing and distribution in Iberia. From our Breda office we compiled the required data & documentation and evaluated the proposals, while our Spanish freelance partner delivered local market information and attended the site evaluations of the service providers.
The price proposals were evaluated and scenario’s on volume developments were calculated.


  • ubstantial operational cost reduction and improved performance to customers
  • Proven methodology & skills combined with local presence and know how
  • Risk assessment / risk management plan
  • Cost sensitivity analysis / what-if evaluations.