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Supply chain footprint and organizational optimization

April 06, 2016 6532 Views

Bio-Rad is a US based worldwide manufacturer of life science products and clinical diagnostics. The European supply chain consists of multiple regional logistics centers and manufacturing sites.

The European logistics department was committed to improve their supply chain by improving the management control in their European supply chain, maximizing customer service and minimizing costs.

A detailed analysis of the existing supply chain set-up was conducted. This provided a critical overview of the current supply chain footprint and processes. Several alternative supply chain networks and management concepts were evaluated using supply chain costs and customer service. The evaluation results provided the supply chain strategy to start a European supply chain improvement program. The program included supply chain, IT & finance.

The European supply chain became transparent, 7% savings on the total European supply chain costs and Bio-Rad gained a European supply chain business model that facilitated stronger European Supply Chain Management.