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November 25, 2019 5426 Views


Kleertjes.com is an e-company for baby and children clothing, operating from its own warehouse in Doetinchem. Due to strong organic growth, the operation has outgrown the facility. A new warehouse is required together with an improved picking process, which is to be supported by mechanization.


Kleertjes.com requested support to evaluate the planned new processes and to support designing a mechanized solution and write an RFP document and select a suitable partner to deliver and install the new logistics solution.


In a joint effort with Kleertjes.com the sizing and design of the solution was determined together with various alternatives. This has resulted in the preferable “concept of design” which was translated into an RFP.

Groenewout supported the procurement process for mechanization equipment and first detailed design documents. Furthermore, during the design process, Groenewout reviewed several facility specifications to ensure that the logistics solution meets legislation.

As a result the most optimal solution has been contracted.


Guidance in the supplier selection process and expertise on designing e-fulfilment operations has contributed to define an optimal lay-out and process.

  • Expertise in design and contracting of automated systems
  • Expertise in e-fulfilment
  • Benchmarking of project pricing