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Stock control and correct stock control by roll-out of digital television

April 06, 2016 5990 Views


UPC NL is a leading provider of television, broadband internet and telephony services in the Netherlands. For television, UPC NL has 2.3 Mio customer contracts. An increased number of products and storage locations created the necessity of a thorough look at the inventory management.

Especially the national roll-out of Digital Television has created new challenges in stock control and correct stock administration. Comparison of ERP transactions with 3PL transactions (reconciliation model) for one large 3PL is needed since there is no direct interface yet.

By having built a stock reconciliation model UPC is able to guarantee correct inventory management. Having visibility in all 3PL transactions and knowing the stock accuracy of the 3PL is in line with the KPI, UPC is now able to manage its inventories to a satisfactory level to all stakeholders (especially Finance).


  • Immediate insight in what needs to be booked into the ERP system to reconcile the 3PL
  • Improved commitment 3PL (KPI monitoring stock accuracy)
  • Satisfied Finance department since inventory management is under control.