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Specific demands lead to secured operations & storage of goods

April 06, 2016 7060 Views

PlantijnCasparie, printer of brochures and annual reports, is expanding it’s activities and products to services related to printed materials and e-communication. One newly developed activity is providing Logistic and value adding services. In this way former “cost centers” can be developed as “profit centers”.

A potential client of PlantijnCasparie is interested in the Logistic and value adding services. This client, a telecom company, has specific demands on secured operations and storage of goods because of value and theft sensitivity of their products. Because products are pre-paid SIM-cards and represent a monetary value, the newly developed logistics operation (assembly and packaging) must comply with specific security requirements.

Adapt current facilities in order to enable PlantijnCasparie to facilitate new highly secured operations, by setting up a:

  • Master plan reflecting future use of current building in term of storage, operational activities, personnel flows and required security level.
  • Design and approach of site security
  • Investment calculations
  • Implementation approach.


  • A security plan fitting into the general strategic development of facilities
  • Design of an optimal logistics operation within the limitations of security requirements
  • A total security plan consisting of organizational measures, building measures, electrical measures, compartment measures.