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Solution high increase in product throughput and storage

April 06, 2016 6515 Views


Akzo Nobel Salt is one of the world’s leading salt specialists, supplying high-quality products for all applications. Akzo Nobel Salt is an independent business unit of Akzo Nobel.

Akzo Nobel Salt was confronted with a high increase in product throughput and storage. Therefore the storage utilization in the existing warehouse in Hengelo, The Netherlands, needed to be optimized.

After analyzing stock volumes, the most optimal storage methods for various article groups are calculated. The required storage capacity per storage method is determined. The warehouse lay out is reviewed and adapted to fit a maximum number of suitable storage locations. The end result is a lay out proposal to increase the number of storage locations to guarantee a higher occupation rate per location, without affecting the efficiency of the operation.


  • 10% More storage locations
  • 8% Higher occupation rate of locations
  • As a result the total storage capacity within the existing building can be increased with 20 %
  • The calculation model to determine the optimal storage location will be applied for their warehouse extension as well.