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Second opinion logistics design

November 27, 2018 5441 Views


Briggs & Stratton is an American industrial company primarily involved in engineering, developing and manufacturing internal combustion reciprocating gas engines. It is the world’s largest manufacturer of air-cooled gasoline engines primarily for outdoor power equipment


Briggs & Stratton’s current facility did not comply with the company standards (safety risks, space- and permit-constraints and costs) and was not supporting the evolving need for improved and diverse distribution models


Briggs & Stratton developed a high-level greenfield EDC design (Mass Study) to be able to assess the fit of such an EDC on several pre-selected land-plots. Groenewout conducted a review (2nd opinion assessment) on this preliminary logistics design including the capacity sizing, growth flexibility, layout, material flows, handling equipment, storage medium and mezzanines.


Groenewout provided a cost effective (preferred cost reduced) material handling design (receive, store, pick, pack, ship) for the new greenfield EDC.