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Second opinion internal and external Logistics

April 06, 2016 7260 Views

Gerkens Cacao is a Cargill company located in Wormer, The Netherlands and is one of the largest processors of cocoa in the world. The main products are cocoa liquor, cocoa butter and cocoa powder which are sold to chocolate industries and food manufacturers world wide

Due to growth over the past years the plant in Wormer needed to be expanded. Gerkens hired an architect to design the expansion plans. Groenewout was asked to advise on logistic issues as internal routing and layout of the trailer yard for in- and outbound shippings.

Groenewout designed alternative lay-outs for the trailer yard based upon the limited area borders around the yard:

  • Inbound flow trailers
  • Outbound flow trailers
  • Loading station for liquid cocoa butter
  • Waste containers
  • Parking space.

Groenewout supported Gerkens in developing the optimal lay-out for the plant expansion based upon the knowledge and experience of logistics and facilities, in- and outside the plant.