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Scenario detailing spare part

November 07, 2018 5680 Views


Lely-Synerlogic in Duiven is a worldwide spare parts service provider for the Dairy and Forage activities for Lely (they have some small other customers). They store all spare parts and deliver them to the end customers with normal or express lead times.


Lely decided to sell the Forage business to one of its competitors, therefore the Forage spare parts business is leaving from January 2018. Groenewout was asked to analyze the different options for Lely-Synerlogic, also taking into account both shareholders (Lely and an investment company). The 2 options were to find new customers to fill the remaining capacity or to decide to find another 3PL company to do their Dairy spare parts operation.


  • Data analysis to understand the current business flows, volumes & related costs
  • Analysis of maximum available capacity (as a 3PL)
  • Analysis of future scenarios (when Forage has left)
  • Analysis of impact of future scenarios (investments, service level, etc)
  • NPV calculations of the impact of the different future scenarios based on different phase in strategies of new 3PL customers, interest rates, level of investments, etc.


  • Development of a Basic Data Document and excel model which is used as a safe source for future scenario calculations.
  • Insight in their maximum capacity of their site, in the potential commercial value (and for which markets they are interesting) and in benchmark tariffs.
  • As different stakeholders were involved, all parties have an independent calculation of possible future scenarios and the impact of them per stakeholder.
  • Clear and detailed financial calculation for 10 years of the different scenarios.