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Review Masterplan

November 27, 2018 6372 Views


Cargill’s facility in Berlin produces chocolate. It is used to produce finished products and to produce liquid chocolate for other brands.


A new Masterplan has been developed for the plot of Cargill Berlin, but one of the partners in this project has withdrawn, so a new Masterplan had to be developed. Cargill requested Groenewout to set up a  new detailed layout.


To define this new  set-up and layout several steps were taken:

  • Update current flows, processes and data
  • Set up several new layout options with pro’s and con’s
  • Define the best layout option
  • Set up several drawings to determine the best new site flow and detailed layout
  • Update final flows and set up final layout


  • A safe and well thought optimal layout with updated flows and truck movements.