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Review logistics warehouse process

April 09, 2019 5523 Views

Hoshizaki is a leading manufacturer of commercial kitchen and food service equipment. Creators of Japan´s first fully automatic ice maker, Hoshizaki’s range now features an extended line of kitchen and food service equipment including ice makers, dispensers, refrigerators, freezers, and sushi cases.

Hoshizaki has its EMEA head office in Amsterdam and has recently (beginning 2017) integrated the Gram operation. They want to reduce logistic costs and increase their service levels. Therefore they asked Groenewout to perform a process review project (3 warehouses in Denmark, UK and Germany) and a distribution tender from Denmark to Sweden.

For the process review project 3 warehouses were visited (UK, Germany and Denmark). Based on these visits very location individually has been rated and recommendations has been given. Also overall recommendations and standard processes have been delivered (with costs and ROI when applicable) to be rolled out over all warehouses.

For the tender project an RFP have been set up with the cooperation of the teams in Denmark and Sweden. Based on a longlist several quotes have been received and a preferred partner has been recommended.


  • An objective assessment of their current processes in 3 warehouses in different countries.
  • An overview of ranked recommendations to be implemented in all warehouses.
  • A standard process described to be implemented in all warehouses.
  • An objective tender project for the transport between Denmark and Sweden.