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Redesign operational processes for new DC

September 23, 2019 5556 Views


fonQ was operating from 4 different facilities in short distance, in order to deal with growth. fonQ decided to centralize all operations into a new site and made a deal with a developer for a new facility nearby.


fonQ requested support to redesign the existing operational processes and storage methods to enhance its operation and to review the facility specifications & contract.


A thorough data analyses by Groenewout helped to address the complexity of the processes, the optimal slotting of items (large, small, valuable) and the required sizing of the operation (storage & processing capacity).

In a joined effort the combined project team then assessed various alternatives to store and handle orders and defined the preferable “concept of operation”. We supported the procurement process for all logistics equipment.

Meanwhile Groenewout defined the specifications of the facility, reviewed the engineering process and supported fonQ in the commercial process with the developer/construction company.


Guidance in the development process and expertise on designing fulfilment operations has contributed to define an optimal lay-out and process with the tight timeframe that was available.

  • Data driven design;
  • Expertise in e-fulfilment;
  • Experience in project management;
  • Flexibility to cope with set-backs such as retreat of fonQ’s project manager, last minute changes to invest in automatic packing machine, etc.