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Redesign checking & packing process

April 06, 2016 6090 Views

The company involved in this assignment is one of the world’s largest biotechnology companies, using science and innovation to drive its business.

Groenewout was asked to do a check on the possible redesign of the Pick & Pack area. The check was done to maximize productivity and capacity given an increase in direct orders and the in house positioning of external forwarder shipping processes.

A study is performed to redesign the checking & packing process. Important factors in this redesign was the quality of the process as well as the sensitivity of the solution for future developments and growth. The preferred concept is described in a technical and functional way making possible suggestions for adaptations to the check and pack process, supported by several 3D-visualization means.


  • Maximization of productivity and capacity in pick and pack hall
  • Synchronization of VAL-activities within packing process
  • Meeting GMP requirements by preventing crossing flows
  • Optimization of direct order process
  • Flow mechanization to and from pack-tables.