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Realization warehouse

April 06, 2020 5298 Views



BVB-substrates in De Lier, is part of Kekkilä-BVB and produces substrates (growing media) for plants in the professional and retail consumer market.


BVB-substrates needed to implement a new logistics concept in De Lier which improved the storage capacity and storage conditions to meet the seasonal peek and market demand. To allow for the growth a warehouse was designed and realized, which included a conveyor connection with the production area, multi layer storage, shuttle operated drive in racking, reach trucks and loading pit. At the same time a new WMS was implemented.


Due to the seasonal demands only a 4-month time window was available in which the warehouse was built, systems installed and racking erected. Activities executed were:

  • Provide the architectural and structural design;
  • Manage the permit application;
  • Manage tender process and contracting for Building, Logistics and WMS, including PoR- and contract documents;
  • Manage review detailed design drawings, construction, implementation and commissioning of building and (IT) systems;
  • Set-up and manage testing and support Go-Live.


  • Improved storage capacity and storage conditions enabling a further growth of the production location in De Lier;
  • Improved process control;
  • Minimum impact on the operations;
  • Project delivered in time and within budget.